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 Ideas to wear,  their winning combinations are originality, perfect fit and precious fabrics  .

Sensuality combined with comfort, day mixes into evening  for a charming woman who has two sides: Tessa, delicate and fragile, but also tipically pragmatic and Mediterranean, Flo.
TESSA & FLO is a dynamic, refined, feminine woman with class  who loves to distinguish herself with exclusive clothing. She is a woman, who follows fashion and is attentive to detail, craftsmanship and quality.

A TESSA & FLO garment is unique, distinctive. Each element has a strong visual impact while being easy to care for.
The fabrics used are for the most part stretch; silk, viscose,  cotton and microfiber jerseys, tulle and mesh. The fibers are wool – cashmere  silk – cashmere and pure cashmere for the full-fashioned knits.
The rich color palette ranges from timeless classic tones to more trendier hues,
without excluding more brilliant chromatic tones.

There are two annual editions: Autumn-Winter in February, Spring-Summer in September and Flash Evening,  with the possibilty to re-stock during the season.